Eastern Michigan University Fermentation Science Program and the Ypsi Alehouse brew up a collaboration on a distinctive beer

Eastern Michigan University Fermentation Science Program and the Ypsi Alehouse brew up a collaboration on a distinctive beer

YPSILANTI – The Fermentation Science Program at Eastern Michigan University has released its first commercially brewed collaboration beer.

The Ypsi Alehouse and students and faculty from EMU partnered this winter to design and brew their version of a Berliner Weisse, a lightly sour wheat beer that originated in Berlin.

The style of beer is traditionally served with a shot of woodruff syrup, which dyes the pale beer a bright green – a historically accurate green beer, which was visually perfect for representing EMU and for celebrating the recent St. Patrick's Day.

Berliner Weisse is an uncommon beer style, requiring a two-stage brewing process using bacteria (similar to those found in yogurt) and German ale yeast. EMU students and faculty have been a part of this unusual process from the beginning, assisting in raising the bacteria and brewing the beer at Ypsi Alehouse.

The beer was released in a special, sold out event from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday, March 14 at the Alehouse, located at 124 Pearl Street in downtown Ypsilanti. The beer was also available at the Alehouse in the days that followed.

The Eastern Michigan University Fermentation Science program offers four-year major and minor degrees that focus on the science underlying all forms of fermentation, with a focus on food and beverages.

The program, launched in fall 2016 by chemistry professors Cory Emal and Gregg Wilmes, prepares students for careers in industries focusing on fermented food and drinks, including artisan-crafted beer, wine and cider.

Fermentation science is also involved in the production of foods such as bread, yogurt, cheese, dry-cured sausage and sauerkraut. Non-fuel fermentation is also on the rise in the biofuel and pharmaceutical industries.

The program’s rigorous curriculum combines an understanding of the science of fermentation with a broad background in chemistry, biology and physics.

In Fall 2019, the program will move into newly renovated space in Mark Jefferson Hall, completing the full renovation of EMU’s Science Complex.

For more information on the program, contact professor Cory Emal, program coordinator, at cemal@emich.edu, or check the program website.

The Ypsi Alehouse is a family-owned brewery that brews its beers in small batches with high quality ingredients. As a small brewer, it self distributes its beers to ensure freshness. For more information, or call 734-487-1555.

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March 13, 2019

Written by:
Geoff Larcom

Geoff Larcom