March 06, 2017

Eastern Michigan University Student Center ranked number one student union in the country

Described as “one of the most amazing student unions”
The Student Center is arguably the most striking building on Eastern’s campus. Its entire east side is glass, with its three floors looking out over the ponds and the rest of campus.

YPSILANTI – The Eastern Michigan University Student Center is the number one student union in the country, according to a national website dedicated to evaluating and ranking college programs and experiences for prospective students. The 25 Best Student Unions was published by College Rank. An image of Eastern’s Student Center headlines the list.

In making its selections, College Rank considers factors such as aesthetic design and architecture, campus life and student offerings, events and traditions, and proximity to other campus features.

"Every campus has a place where students congregate,” said Monica Dennis from the College Rank team. “The student union of the past is gone. Now, unions like the ones on our list offer more amenities than you can imagine – views of campus, energy-efficient designs, bookstores, coffee shops – you name it.”

Only one other Michigan university – the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor -- made the list. It was ranked 15th. Other key rankings include Ohio State University at No. 8, University of Colorado Denver at No. 12, Cornell University at No. 14, Columbia University at No. 21 and University of Wisconsin at No. 25.

College Rank says it seeks to provide students with information that will help them make an informed decision regarding which college to attend. The website includes guides, rankings, articles and other forms of media.

The EMU Student Center is “one of the most amazing student unions” on the list, including its completely glassed eastern side, which overlooks a network of ponds and bridges, College Rank said in its description of the building.

“It is considered one of the best places to go (on campus) between classes, and with good reason, because the hub has endless options for entertainment,” College Rank said. “There are art galleries, an auditorium for movie viewing, live performances, and fireplace lounges where you can simply hang out.

“When the building was (opened) in 2006, it was designed with earth-friendly features and a lot of natural lighting options. The (Student Center) is located in a central location on campus, which makes it easy for students to enjoy between classes, especially since it is located near the (main) EMU library. There are plenty of food options: When students want to grab a bite, they can enjoy a Smashburger and fries, or enjoy something a little healthier.”

The Student Center is arguably the most striking building on Eastern’s campus. Its entire east side is glass, with its three floors looking out over the ponds and the rest of campus. The Center is easily accessible, and has ample parking. It plays host to numerous events annually, including talks by nationally renowned scholars, a wide variety of community charity functions and high school proms.

The $40.5 million facility was opened in November 2006.

The Student Center is also well known for its Kiva Room, a round 360-degree room designed after those in Native American cultures. Situated on the north side of the second floor, the Kiva Room is utilized for musical shows, conference spaces and student group collaborations.

Last fall, the University opened The Intersection, a social justice centered lounge for underrepresented students located on the second floor of the Student Center.

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