Eastern Michigan University faculty pursue wide variety of research and creative activity under 2019-2020 special fellowship awards

Steven Backues in the lab
Steven Backues is one of fifty-six awardees of the Faculty Research and Creative Activity Fellowships. (PHOTO BY BRIELLE BASHORE)

YPSILANTI – Cancer cell growth, hearing aids for autistic children, the post climate change environment, and how companies and organizations respond to social media crises – these topics are among the research Eastern Michigan University faculty members will pursue this academic year under a series of fellowship awards approved by the University’s Board of Regents today (June 13).  

The Faculty Research and Creative Activity Fellowships awards are competitive awards given to faculty who submit meritorious research or special study proposals.

The fellowships award up to 100 percent release time from teaching to help build a foundation for a faculty member’s future research or creative activities, and as a base for future additional funding from other sources.

Unlike a sabbatical leave, the fellowship recipients are still expected to fulfill other contractual responsibilities, such as service to the University during this released time.

The University Research and Sabbatical Leave Committee reviews the Faculty Research and Creative Activity Fellowship proposals and makes recommendations to the Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs.

Fifty-six faculty will be supported in this year’s fellowships. The faculty members and their topics are as follows:

Munther Abualkibash (Information Security & Applied Computing). "Analyzing Network Traffic Data Using the Statistical Computing Envirolünent R."

David Allbright (Marketing). "Marketing Strategies in the Aftermath of Natural Disaster: Investigating How Severely Damaged Tourist Destination Communities Seek to ReMessage, Re-Image and Re-Attract."

Mohammed Noraden Alsaleh (Information Security & Applied Computing). "Towards Automated Cyber Deception Using Malware Analysis and Psychological Profiling."

Michael Angell (Biology). "Microcystis Cyanophage Genetic Diversity and Host Range Variation."

Grigoris Argeros (Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology). "The Suburban Dream Revisited: Processes of Black Ethnic Group Suburbanization."

Ruth Ann Armitage (Chemistry). "Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Materials from the Michael C. Carlos Museum."

Steven Backues (Chemistry). "Size or Number? Untangling the Role of Atg3 and Atgl 0 in Autophagy."

Corrie Baldauf (Art & Design). "David Foster Wallace in a Contemporary Art Context."

Mohammad Bari (Engineering Technology). "Designing an Adaptive Hearing Aid for Autistic Children."

Logan Bearden (English Language & Literature). "Multi-Institutional Examination of Intermediate Writing Courses."

Ji-Hung (Ryan) Choi (Marketing). "Affirmative Action and Team Performance: An Analytic Approach. "

David Chou (Computer Information Systems). "Technological Development of the Internet of Things (IOT) and Big Data Integration."

Brian Connolly (Biology). "Leveraging Predation Risk to Minimize Seed Limitation in Native Plants."

Jason DeMarte (Art & Design). "Arcadia: Subverting Romantic Notions of Nature in a Post Climate Change Environment."

Ratan Dheer (Management). "Understanding the Causes and Consequences of Entrepreneurial Stress."

Jill Dieterle (History & Philosophy). "Autonomous Food Choice."

Cory Emal (Chemistry). "Incorporation of Pi-Stacking into Novel Inhibitors of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor- I."

Hedeel Evans (Chemistry). "Unraveling the Regulatory Mechanism of Cancer Cell Growth by Insulin Growth Factor Independent of Its Receptor."

Audrey Farrugia Bernard (Special Education). "Diversity Design: An Examination of Multicultural Coursework in Speech-Language Pathology Programs."

Xianghong Feng (Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology). "Two Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles and One NSF Grant Proposal: Mobility, Individualization, and Poverty Reduction in Ethnic Tourism, China."

Catherine Gammon (Health Promotion & Human Performance). "Using Behavior Change Theories to Understand Physical Activity among College Students: A Pilot Study."

Maria Garcia (Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology). "Just Words: An Interactionby-Interaction Approach to Mayan Languages in U.S. Legal Proceedings."

Emily Grman (Biology). "Disseminating New Student Research to Illuminate Restored Prairie Ecology."

Rob Halpern (English Language & Literature). "Georges Perec's Early Essays on Cultural Politics and Aesthetics."

Beth Henschen (Political Science). "Chief Justices as Administrators: Management through State of the Judiciary Addresses."

Jeromy Hopgood (Communication, Media & Theatre Arts). "Creating a Benchmark Publication on Projection Design, an Emerging Profession in the Entertainment Industry."

Dejuana Jackson (Nursing). "Clinical Immersion Experience: Increasing Nurse Practitioner's Readiness for Practice?"

Siyuan Jiang (Computer Science). "Automatically Generating Computer Programs Based on English Descriptions."

Andrii Kashliev (Computer Science). "An Algorithm for Translating Small-scale Database Structures into Big Data Database Structures."

Roxanne Katus (Mathematics & Statistics). "Magnetospheric Ion Temperature Dependence upon Solar Wind Driving."

Kasim Korkmaz (Visual & Built Environments). "Guideline Development for Transit Power Cables."

Steven Krause (English Language & Literature). "Investigating Classroom Technology Bans Through the Lens of Writing Studies."

Jamie Lawler (Psychology). "A Longitudinal Study of the Development of Self-Control in Early Childhood and Its Implications for Socioemotional Development and Mental Health."

Aaron Liepman (Biology). "Characterization of the VTCI Protein, a Long-Lost Plant GGPPase."

Dustin London (Art & Design). "Abstract Painting: Translating Landscapes Through Digital Processes."

Salar Mesdaghinia (Management). "Is Greed Good? The Negative Impact of Manager Greed on Employees and Businesses."

Hakil Moon (Marketing). "The Effects of Business Transparency on Consumer Behavior and Environmental Concern: Implications of Sustainable Fashion Evaluation System."

Megan Moore (Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology). "Analysis of Human Skeletal Remains from Roman Era Tombs at Antiochia ad Cragum, Southern Turkey: Chapter for an Edited Volume."

Mary-Elizabeth Murphy (History & Philosophy). "Journeys through Jim Crow: African Americans, Interstate Buses, and Black Protest Politics, 1920-1946."

Micah Murphy (Marketing). "Social Media Crises and Organizational Response."

John Palladino (Special Education). "Beyond Compliance: Development and Application of a Cross-Disciplinary Ethical Framework for Special Education Administrative Leadership."

Valerie Pauli Olursing). "Workplace Violence Exposed: The Untold Experiences of Nursing Students."

Catherine Peterson (Psychology). "Integrated Psychosocial and Behavioral Health in Allergic Diseases."

Anushri Rawat (Management). "Forgive to Overcome Animosity: Exploring the Role of Forgiveness in Resolving Conflict in the Workplace."

Michael Reedy (Art & Design). "Morality, Death, and the Digital Cadaver."

Jodonnis Rodriguez (Accounting & Finance).  The Effect of Racial and Ethnic Diversity on Firms' Risk and Financial Performance."

Amy Sacksteder (Art & Design). "Fossils of Now: Contemporary Divisions and Debris as Explored through Painting, Collage, and Paper Cutting."

Brian Sellers (Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology). "The Pre-Crime Society: Crime, Culture, and Control in the Ultramodern Age."

Heather Shouldice (Music & Dance). "Weaving It All Together: A Practical Guide to Applying Gordon's Music Learning Theory in the Elementary General Music Program."

Herman Tang (Engineering Technology). "Writing a Textbook Entitled 'Engineering Research — Design, Methods, and Publication."'

Charles Teague (Accounting & Finance). "Corporate Payouts: Do Managers Select ExAnte Payout Levels to Deter Shareholder Activism?"

Christina Topolewski (Social Work). "Caregiver Burden, Social Support, and Quality of Life among Caregivers of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia."

Annette Wannamaker (English Language & Literature). “Worlds Apart: Income Inequality and Children's and Young Adult Literature in the United States.”

Stephanie Wladkowski (Social Work). "Developing a Live Discharge Protocol for Endof-Life Care Practitioners."

Peter Wood (Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology). "Emotions and Crime: How Positive and Negative Affect Motivate Re-Offending."

Mehmet Yaya (Economics). "Women's Empowerment in the U.S. during the Great Recession."

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June 13, 2019

Written by:
Walter Kraft

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