Summer solstice celebration held at the Parsons Center in June, highlighted by a presentation from the Parsons Center Artist in Residence

People at the Parsons Center event

Approximately 140 people gathered at the Parsons Center for Arts and Sciences at Lake Ann on June 21 for an evening of viewing wonderful art, listening to incredible music and strengthening community partnerships. The evening was highlighted by a musical trio from the Interlochen Arts Academy and a presentation from Susan Thompson, the 2018 Oliver Art Center and Parsons Center Artist in Residency.

Interlochen trio
A musical trio from the Interlochen Arts Academy performs at the summer solstice event at EMU Parsons Center.

The event was sponsored by Eastern Michigan University with support of the Oliver Art Center and the Interlochen Arts Academy.  Specifically, these three organizations will be collaborating on the Interlochen, Oliver, and Parsons Artist in Residency program which will be held for 2-4 weeks in October, 2020.  The Artist in Residence will live in the house and work in the studio at the Parsons Center, have a Pop-up Exhibition and Artist talk at the Oliver Arts Center, and offer a Master Class at the Interlochen Arts Academy. Applications will be due on January 24, 2020.

The Parsons Center for Arts and Sciences, located on 84 acres in Lake Ann, is an educational oasis for interdisciplinary inquiry. Eastern Michigan University scholars and artists utilize this research-oriented wildlife sanctuary for professional development.  The Center is a venue to provide learning opportunities for Northern Michigan communities.  Parsons offers nonintrusive field research, workshops, and public seminars, balancing the broad disciplines of the arts and sciences.

The Artist in Residency program represents the first of many future collaborations between the Parsons Center for Arts and Sciences,  Oliver Art Center and the Interlochen Arts Academy. Planning for these developments are being organized by Sandra Murchison, Director of EMU School of Art and Design and the Director of the Parsons Center for Arts and Sciences, Mercedes Michalowski, Executive Director of the Oliver Arts Center, and Jason Hubbard, Vice Provost of Academic and Artistic Education, Interlochen Center for the Arts.

Author Beth Fitzsimmons, Ph.D., served as a member of the Eastern Michigan University Board of Regents from 2011 to 2016. 

July 10, 2019

Written by:
Beth Fitzsimmons

Geoff Larcom