Eastern Michigan University Regent Michelle Crumm leads gift giving effort for MAGIC program students

MAGIC program supports students who have aged out of the foster care system

MAGIC gift giving

YPSILANTI --  Today was a great day of gift receiving for 17 Eastern Michigan University students who participate in the MAGIC (Mentorship Access Guidance in College) program, which is designed to increase graduation rates among students who have experienced foster care. 

MAGIC gift givingThe gift giving effort was led by Eastern Michigan University Board of Regents Vice Chair Michelle Crumm. Crumm organized other interested donors to assemble gift boxes designed as snowmen that were delivered to the students. Two delivery trucks unloaded 48 of the snowmen, which were then given to 17 MAGIC students. Gifts included clothing and linens, EMU hats and scarves, food, personal hygiene items and gift cards so students can do their own shopping. 

Le’ Shay Webb, MAGIC program coordinator, said, "It’s amazing. It’s just really touching to see the students’ faces as they open up their gifts. And it’s so special just to be able to share the holiday experience with them.”

Miranda Henning, a MAGIC student, said, "It’s definitely something I appreciate. I got a gift card that will pay for groceries. These are not just fun gifts, but we also get necessities. A lot of us don’t get help from outside.”

Another MAGIC student, Alexis Holton, said, “I appreciate it a lot. Personally, in my mind, I don’t expect to get a lot. It surprised me – there’s a lot of thought behind every gift given. It really touches me.” 

Allison Smith is a Graduate Assistant who works as part of the MAGIC program. She said, "This is my first time being a part of this, and what these donors are doing for Eastern takes my breath away. The students work so hard at life and school and in everything they do.”

Another Graduate Assistant, Emily Couture, said, “I heard students talking beforehand about how much this means to them. Some of these students don’t really get a Christmas outside of MAGIC. Seeing their reactions -  I have no words for it.”

December 10, 2019

Written by:
Walter Kraft

Geoff Larcom