Student Gold Medallion Awards honor outstanding service, mentorship and professionalism at Eastern Michigan University

“And the winners are…” Academy Awards style celebration held online

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YPSILANTI – It's easy to become involved and have a great effect at Eastern Michigan University.

It’s one of the most cited appeals of student life at EMU, a fact spotlighted with the 24th annual Student Gold Medallion Awards, which recognize and celebrate the students, student organizations, and organization advisors who make the University an exceptional place to work, live, and learn.

EMU Student Gold MedallionThis year’s awards took on a special twist. Lucas Langdon, Director of Campus Life at Eastern, conducted the ceremony Academy Awards style by livestream in his basement. Because, in his words, “#stayhome.”

“Like all of you out there, we have had to adjust,” Langdon told the audience tuning in. “But even though we won't be celebrating together in the Student Center Ballroom as we had planned, our nominees and winners deserve recognition.”

Langdon noted that simply being nominated for a Gold Medallion is a significant accomplishment, and that all nominees should feel proud of the contributions they have made.

And with that, the virtual envelopes, please. Listed are the awards, the nominees, comments based on perspective from the nominators, and (drum roll) the winners.

Eagle Ambassador Awards

Recognizes students who have served as a goodwill emissary, positively and consistently representing EMU on campus and off. 

The nominees: Aric Bird, Tiffany Chen, Mabel Dunn, Sabrina Fergerson, Theodore Johnson, Orlando Kamaj, Anas Pasha, and Chad D. Thomson.

Discussion: The Graduate Student recipient in the Eagle Ambassador Category was described by one nominator as someone who tirelessly strives to empower their fellow students through knowledge and their personal network of professional colleagues. Our winner has taken on the role of resurrecting the MBA Student Association, advocating for other students to get involved, and has actively networked with outside business professionals on behalf of other students individually, as well as for the MBA students as a whole.  

The Graduate Eagle Ambassador Award goes to Chad Thomson.

Discussion: The Undergraduate Eagle Ambassador Award goes to a student who founded a local chapter of Amnesty International, organized many events with Detroit’s Freedom House, and has led the student group Eastern Constructors in several community service projects in the surrounding community. 

The Undergraduate Eagle Ambassador Award goes to Anas Pasha.

Outstanding Mentorship Award

The nominees: Donacal Clemons Jr., Reginald Craig Jr., Danisha Grier, Theodore Johnson, Hanah Kalenak, Alex Kivali, Alex Lamar, Ashley Citlalli Rodriguez, Pallas Schuster, and Mickia Simmons.

Discussion: Our Graduate winner volunteered to participate in a Student Managed Investment Fund, which challenges students to manage virtual money in the stock market, and use their experience to mentor the other members of the fund. This student also helped students to grasp new software, analyze the stock market, meeting with students on a weekly basis.
The Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award goes to Alex Kivali.

Discussion: Our Undergraduate winner in the Outstanding Mentorship Award category has shown an extremely high level of zeal, intelligence and self-motivation in the development of leadership skills for students at the Ypsilanti Community Schools, and ensures students feel valued and welcomed. 

The Outstanding Undergraduate Mentor Award goes to Mickia Simmons

Outstanding Volunteerism Award

The nominees: Preethi Chunduri, Christopher Clark, Donacal Clemons Jr., Theodore Johnson, and Anas Pasha.

Discussion: Our graduate student has been involved with EMU’s Professional Aviation Fraternity for the past five years. and established the Willow Run Riveters Chapter of Women in Aviation, International. Recently this student became involved with the Detroit Chapter of Tuskegee Airmen to perpetuate the history of these airmen while empowering youth in the community.

The Graduate Volunteerism Award goes to Theodore Johnson.

Discussion: Our undergraduate Volunteerism Award winner is a program director for Community Day Care in Ann Arbor, serves as president of two professional organizations, and conducts teacher in-service workshops for those who work in child care in Washtenaw County.

The Undergraduate Volunteerism Award goes to Christopher Clark.

Outstanding Professionalism Award

The nominees: Tyler L. Calhoun, Donacal Clemons Jr., Reginald Craig Jr., Savannah Currier, Jessica Eddings, Sabrina Fergerson, Jairen Jank-uh, Theodore Johnson, Nailah Leggett, Troy Masserant, Michael Mioduszewski, Chahak Mittal, Zane Pelletier, Paul Sommerville, Jarrod Stober, Emma Sturm, Jeffrey Topper, Sequoia West, and Kaitlyn Willis.

Discussion: Our Graduate Professionalism Award Winner has exhibited an extraordinary degree of professionalism, interfacing with about eighty programs per year, in addition to providing day-to-day supervision for an undergraduate team. This student is an example of the magic that can happen when a highly capable, dedicated student employee is empowered and trusted to make an outstanding impression on the campus community.

Our Graduate Professionalism Award goes to Jarrod Stober.

Our undergraduate Professionalism Award goes to a student who is the only undergraduate employee trusted with the Test Day Supervisor role for the IELTS, a high-stakes English language exam for second language learners, used for University admission and immigration applications.

The Undergraduate Professionalism Award goes to Troy Masserant.

Outstanding Leadership Award

The nominees: Alexander Aldridge, Olivia Barnaclo, Brionna Bryant, Naomi Byrd, Donacal Clemons Jr., Joshua-Ross Colina, Alexa Cooley, Reginald Craig Jr., Savannah Currier, Mabel Dunn, Talia Edgar, Sabrina Fergerson, Danisha Grier, Theodore Johnson, Kali Kison, Nailah Leggett, William Ethan Loomis, Nautica Marshall, Kyra Mitchell, Camilla Henriquez Mora, Arial Roberts, Desmine Robinson, Ethan Smith, Paul Sommerville, Heather Anne Speer, Erin Thomson, and Mikaela Trowbridge.

Discussion: This year we have a tie for the Graduate Leadership Award.
During a time of limited professional staff and the continued need to have accessible, knowledgeable and reliable student employees this student took on the work of two professional staff at the EMU Rec/IM. This student has led his department in a positive direction, is an excellent role model and mentor to student employees.

Our first Graduate Leadership Award winner is Paul Sommerville.

Discussion: Our next Graduate winner has stepped up incredibly in absence of a professional staff coordinator in their area. The student took on more work and responsibility, and a new level of leadership within the department than a typical GA at a time where several huge undertakings collided. Our winner has shown vision and passion for serving our 250+ Student Organizations, and often is the primary driving force behind the programming and services we offer student orgs.

Also winning the Graduate Student Leadership Award is Savannah Currier.

Discussion: The Undergraduate Leadership Award Winner is the founder and current president of the Women in Economics Club - An organization to empower and assist women in the economics major. This student organized an informational meeting, asked students about how they can be better supported, recruited a club board, and formed the organization. Our winner has worked tirelessly to serve not only women, but the greater EMU student body.

The Undergraduate Leadership Award goes to Camila Henriquez Mora.

The Glenna Frank Miller Collegiate Leadership Award

The nominees: Brionna Bryant, Mabel Dunn, Duh-knee-aha Grier, May-moon-ah Ja-meel, Kyra Mitchell, Camila enriquez Mora, Anas Pasha, Desmine Robinson, Ethan Smith, and Erin Thomson.

Discussion: As president of the EMU chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants this student brought unprecedented success to the organization, more than doubling its membership. Our winner’s tireless efforts to facilitate professional networking opportunities for members of the organization reflects selfless commitment to work for the good of others. That same propensity is evident in her constant efforts throughout her undergraduate years to give back to the community through volunteer service with SOS, Food Gatherers, Ronald McDonald House, and Wanderlust Revolution.

The Glenna Frank Miller Collegiate Leadership Award goes to Brionna Bryant.

Outstanding Student Organization Awards

 The nominees: Eastern Constructors, 5th Dimension Dance Crew, Financial Management Association, and Women in Economics Club.

Discussion: This year’s Outstanding Student Organization promotes awareness of financial topics and current events and helps its members seek gainful employment by maintaining liaison with the local business community. The organization has provided an exemplary level of support to its members and as a result, positively contributing to the EMU community.

The Outstanding Student Organization Award goes to the Financial Management Association.

The Outstanding Student Organization Program Award goes to 5th Dimension Dance Crew’s House of Dimension program.

Discussion: House of Dimension was an event to promote and uplift multicultural entrepreneurs and multicultural performing artists. They are always humble about their talents and love to give performers of all races, statuses, and backgrounds a chance. The House of Dimension event recognized rappers, singers, dancers, and poets and the group brought back older alumni members through the years to encourage current members.


Outstanding Student Organization Advisor Award

The nominees: Karen Ann Craig, Elena SV Flys, Michelle Henry, Ben Ilozor, Barry Pyle, and Amani Rashid.

Discussion: Our Outstanding Advisor does everything in her power to help students, assisting with homework, resumes, cover letters, interview prep, and career counseling. An absolutely amazing mentor, leader and professor. One of her main accomplishments for the finance department in the past year was to raise money to install the Bloomberg lab, which helps students to learn the analytical technologies that many major corporations are utilizing for jobs and internships.

This year’s Outstanding Advisor Award Winner is Karen Ann Craig, professor of finance at EMU.


To learn more about the SGMA’s visit the Gold Medallion website.  

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April 01, 2020

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