Eastern Michigan University’s Coatings Research Institute awarded second patent on advanced hybrid materials

Vijay Mannari with arms crossed in the hallway of GACET.
Vijay Mannari, professor of polymers and coatings technology and director of the Coatings Research Institute at Eastern, spearheaded the patent project..

YPSILANTI —  Eastern Michigan University research team at Coatings Research Institute in the GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology has acquired a second patent, furthering advancements in hybrid materials. Vijay Mannari, professor of polymers and coatings technology and director of the Coatings Research Institute at Eastern, spearheaded this innovative development.

The newly issued patent, US Patent 11912832-B2, builds on GACET's previous patent, US Patent 10118986, which introduced a new composition and method for creating Organic-inorganic hybrid coatings. This earlier innovation utilizes UV light to initiate the curing process, offering an environmentally responsible solution adaptable to industrial coating operations.

"Our team is honored to receive this second patent, which signifies a substantial leap forward in applying hybrid materials," said Mannari. "Our initial patent established a foundation for Organic-inorganic hybrid coatings. With this continuing patent, we have expanded our invention by incorporating additional chemistries that enhance its suitability for both coatings and 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) applications."

The latest patent introduces a dual-cure chemistry system. This system features a rapid initial cure step that hardens the coating or 3D-printed layer, enabling further processing. The subsequent slow-curing secondary cure phase allows the material to cure fully over time. This dual-cure process results in higher throughput and improved efficiency for coating systems. In the realm of 3D printing, it offers the significant benefit of inter-layer chemical crosslinking, resulting in products with superior mechanical strength and integrity.

"This advancement is a pathway to showcasing our commitment to pioneering research and developing solutions that address real-world challenges," said Mannari. "The potential applications of our dual-cure system in both industrial coatings and additive manufacturing are vast, promising improved performance and efficiency in various sectors." 

This innovation was also presented at the RadTech UV/EB Conference in Orlando, FL, in March 2023 and won the RadLaunch University Innovation Award.

The GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology at Eastern Michigan University continues to be at the forefront of engineering and technological innovation, driving progress and fostering excellence in research and development.

For more information about this patent and other research initiatives, visit the GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology website.


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June 18, 2024

Written by:
Brittany Mobley

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