Camilla McComb

Assistant Professor of Visual Arts Education

Expertise: Artistic Thinking, Arts-based research, Assessment & performance rubrics


Dr. Cam McComb is a career art educator. Having taught art at all grade levels, she brings a varied and versatile perspective to those training to teach art in the public/private schools, communities, and museum settings. Her dissertation, "Think, Record, Reveal: Studio Process Assessment and the Artistic Thinking it Reveals," was instrumental in helping art educators understand that students value different aspects of the art making process; that students can document their own artistic thinking; and that an awareness of the Studio Habits of Mind helps to facilitate artistic conversations among students and education professionals. Dr. Cam has led curriculum and assessment in-service training with both visual art and literacy educators. She has worked to integrate Science + Art at the college level as a co-collaborator in the "Visualizing Cancer Project," completed during the fall 2015. McComb's current interests lie in helping educators to develop quality performance assessment rubrics and in advancing arts-based research strategies. As a practicing artist, Dr. Cam seeks to engage the viewer by challenging perceptions of education.

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