March 21, 2017

Spring brings food trucks to Eastern Michigan University campus, and they are a big hit!

YPSILANTI --  The food truck phenomena is proving popular on the campus of Eastern Michigan University. After a limited trial run last summer that was met with long lines of students and employees, the University is bringing back food trucks in a big way. And, the University is not waiting for summer with the first truck returning to campus last week.

The University is working with three food truck vendors with a regular schedule that started last week and plans to continue though the end of the semester.

Eastern Michigan University student prepares to order

The first food truck of the season was from Chihuahua Chili, owned and operated by Ypsilanti’s popular restaurant directly across from campus, The Tower Inn. It was once again met by a line of people who appreciate the food truck experience. This week, and through the remainder of the semester, Chihuahua Chili will be joined by two other trucks, Pita Cruiser and Cheese Street, both locally owned out of Ann Arbor.

Campus locations are changed regularly to provide as much variety and opportunity to students and employees as possible. The schedule is posted weekly on Eastern’s Dining Services food truck website, and the truck locations are promoted daily on the University’s social media channels so that people know where to find them.

Eastern has been working with the non-profit organization, Growing Hope, to bring the food trucks to campus on a regular basis.

"EMU Dining Services is very excited and pleased to bring local food trucks on campus,” said Callie de Gracia MS, RD - EMU Dining Services Registered Dietitian and Director of Community Wellness. “Our collaboration with Growing Hope has made it possible to support these neighborhood businesses and our local economy! We are happy to see that the EMU community feels the same way and are enjoying their services.”

Rois and Nathalie Savvides, Eastern Michigan University alumni and owner of The Tower and the Chihuahua Chili Food Truck said, “We are very happy to be on Eastern’s campus with our Chihuahua Chili Company concept! We were received with great enthusiasm and had lines of hungry students and employees.

“Chihuahua Chili Company is a Mexican-Latin concept with a local twist, which is affordable, very, very tasty and served fast without being fast food.”

The Savvides’ added that menu items are ready in less than two-three minutes and everything is made in Michigan, using Michigan bakeries for the buns, tortillas, and a Michigan company to make the chorizo.

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