Statement: Employee investigation

Eastern Michigan University holds our employees to the highest standards of conduct as detailed in our employment policies and various collective bargaining agreements.  

University Human Resources administration first learned of this matter on Friday, June 7, and an internal investigation began immediately. We are as concerned as anyone about the individual's criminal finding, as well as the secret recording that appears to have taken place inside the individual'sprivate property and does not involve the University.

The employee was placed on administrative leave the morning of Monday, June 10, while the University commences its investigation into this matter. Administrative leave is a process the University may employ under the terms of the employee's Collective Bargaining Agreement

Letters in support of the individual, written by other employees last fall, were written personally, and not in any way on behalf of the University, or with its knowledge. 


June 12, 2019

Written by:
Official Statements

Geoff Larcom