Eastern Michigan University recognizes 44 faculty members with $12,000 awards under Summer Research/Creative Activity Award program

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YPSILANTI -- Eastern Michigan University is recognizing 44 faculty projects with $12,000 awards as part of its annual Summer Research/Creative Activity Award. The awards are intended to encourage and support the research, creative, artistic, and scholarly endeavors of full-time tenured or tenure-track EMU faculty during the summer months by providing stipends of $12,000 for outstanding proposals in lieu of summer teaching assignments. Below is a list of this year’s awardees and their projects:

  • Sadaf Ali (Communication, Media and Theatre Arts). "Meeting the Needs of BIPOC Students through Mentoring Initiatives."
  • Steven Backues, (Chemistry). "Finding the "Just-Right" Mutants to Crack the Case of Autophagosome Size and Number."
  • Brigid Beaubien, (Teacher Education). "A Collective Responsibility: Teaching to Sustain Democracy."
  • Hannah Blatchford, (Geography and Geology). "From Mineral Grain to Mountain Range: Novel Application of Trace Elements to Reconstruct the Exhumation History of Ultrahigh-Pressure Rocks from the Western Gneiss Region, Norway."
  • Leslie Blome, (Special Education and Communication Sciences and Disorders).
    "Dissemination of Dissertation Findings: Physician Assistants' Application of Autism Knowledge During Pediatric Clinical Rotations."
  • Adam Briggs, (Psychology). "Providing Comprehensive Solutions for Improving
    Caregiver Treatment Adherence: Updating an Assessment Tool and Piloting its Ability to Identify Implementation Barriers and Strategies for Improving Training and Support for Families."
  • Sarah Cox, (Special Education and Communication Sciences and Disorders).
    "Identification of Scientifically-Validated Instructional Strategies to Improve Fraction Knowledge for Students with Disabilities."
  • Omar Darwish, (Information Security and Applied Computing) "Security Software Tool to Uncover Language of Encrypted Leaked Data by Covert Timing Attacks Using Machine Learning."
  • Margaret Dobbins, (English Language and Literature). "Frustrated Feminism and the Old Familiar Story: Adaptations of Jane Eyre by Contemporary Women Writers of Color."
  • Brendan Fay, (Art & Design). "Lessons in Photography: A Book about American Photography, Abstraction and Photographic Education."
  • Xianghong Feng, (Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology). "Data Collection through Ethnographic Fieldwork for A New Research: Social Change and Ritual Life in South China."
  • Bilquis Ferdousi, (Information Security and Applied Computing). "Using Technology in Formative and Summative Assessment in Active Learning."
  • Michael Foster, (World Languages). "Researching Effective Approaches to Bilingual Education in Canada."
  • Catherine Gammon, (Health Promotion and Human Performance). "Exploring the Relationship Between Physical Activity and Mental Health Among College Students."
  • Naomi Hashimoto, (Special Education and Communication Sciences and Disorders). "How Phonological Cues Help Naming Abilities in People with Aphasia."
  • Jarrod Irwin, (University Library). "Checking Out: A Preliminary Study of Library Programs About End-of-Life Issues."
  • Dejuana Jackson, (Nursing). "Exploring Factors Associated with Low Self-efficacy with Prescribing in Nurse Practitioner Students."
  • Raed Jarrah, (Visual and Built Environments). "Optimal Question Bank Size in Construction Management Evaluations."
  • Brandon Johnson, (Music and Dance). "Concert and Recording Project for New Professional Ensemble based in Ypsilanti."
  • Andrii Kashliev, (Computer Science). "Storing and Querying Social Media Data in Big Data Databases."
  • Matthew Kautz, (Leadership and Counseling). "Punishing Promise: School Discipline and Carceral Expansion during the Era of Desegregation."
  • Tareq Khan, (Engineering). "A Smart Fire Detector with Extinguisher Class Recommendation using Deep Learning."
  • Matthew Kirkpatrick, (English Language and Literature). "Chapter and Book Proposal for Creative Writing: A Process-based Approach."
  • Michael Koscielniak, (Geography and Geology). "Supplies of Decline: Brick Salvage and Neighborhood change in St. Louis, MO."
  • You Li, (Communication, Media, and Theatre Arts). "Documenting History: Recording and Understanding the Collective Memory of Women Journalists Who Covered the COVID-19 Pandemic Around the World."
  • Dyann Logwood, (Women's and Gender Studies). "Meeting the Needs of BIPOC Students through Mentoring Initiatives."
  • Dustin London, (Art and Design). "Japanese Stone Gardens and the Construction of Pictorial Space."
  • Sheila Longpre, (Health Sciences). "The Unique Needs of Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Survivors."
  • Elizabeth Loomis, (Nursing)."Utilizing lmmersive Virtual Reality to Assess New Graduate Nurse Practitioners Comfort Level with Prescribing Practices."
  • Amanda Maher, (History and Philosophy). "A Collective Responsibility: Teaching to Sustain Democracy."
  • Katherine Mason, (University Library). "Does Our Collection Reflect Our Community? Assessing Diversity in Academic Library Collections."
  • John Mccurdy, (History and Philosophy). "Ypsilanti Histories: A Look Back at the Last Fifty Years."
  • Lon Mitchell, (Mathematics and Statistics). "Mathematics by Analogy."
  • MeeAe Nam, (Music and Dance). "Preparing Vocal Pedagogy Articles for Publication."
  • Elizabeth Neilson, (Psychology). "Preliminary Development of an Alcohol- and Sexual Health-Focused Sexual Assault Intervention."
  • Cierra Presberry, (Leadership and Counseling). "School Leaders and Restorative Justice."
  • Jenni Putz, (Economics). "Frac Sand Mining in the Midwest: Impacts on Public Health."
  • Rachel Radina, (Leadership and Counseling). "Understanding the Challenges of Educational Leaders in a "Post" COVID World."
  • Micheal Reedy, (Art and Design). "Dust and Shadow in the Age of the Digital Cadaver."
  • Joel Schoenhals, (Music and Dance). "Unbroken: Recording the Piano Works of Navajo Composer Conner Chee."
  • Rita Shah, (Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology). "Embodying Human Rights principles: Phase II."
  • Zuzana Tomas, (World Languages). "Examining the Value of Virtual Exchanges in Teacher Education Programs."
  • Shu Wang, (Political Science). "Impact of Wind Energy Use on Local Tax Base in Michigan."
  • Chuyang Yang, (Technology and Professional Services Management). "An Innovative Data-Driven Technology to Investigate Aircraft Noise Effects at the U.S. Airports."


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April 20, 2023

Written by:
Walter Kraft

Media Contact:
Melissa Thrasher