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A photo of Kristine Ajrouch.

Kristine Ajrouch

Professor of Sociology

Areas of expertise: Aging, Arab Americans, Social Relations

A photo of Anne Balazs.

Anne Balazs

Interim Dean, College of Business

Areas of expertise: Elderly consumer behavior, Health care marketing, Sales and retail management, Women in higher education

A photo of Pamela Becker.

Pamela Becker

Professor, Technology Management

Areas of expertise: Technology management, Workforce development, Women in technology, Online teaching

A photo of Jeffrey Bernstein.

Jeffrey Bernstein

Professor of Political Science

Areas of expertise: American politics campaigns and elections, Public opinion, Jewish-American Politics, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

A photo of Ethriam Brammer.

Ethriam Brammer

Director, TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) Program

Areas of expertise: Latino/a studies, Translation studies, Immigration studies, Bilingualism/Biculturalism, Multicultural children's literacy, Student success and higher education policy

A photo of Tammy Brown.

Tammy Brown

SkillsUSA Michigan State Director

Areas of expertise: SkillsUSA, Career and Technical Student Organizations

A photo of Sally Burton-Hoyle.

Sally Burton-Hoyle

Associate Professor

Areas of expertise: Autism Spectrum disorders, Person-centered Planning for Life in the Community, College Supports for persons with Autism Spectrum disorders

No photo for Stephanie Casey.

Stephanie Casey

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education

Areas of expertise: Mathematics education , Statistics education

A photo of Ashley Falzetti.

Ashley Falzetti

Assistant Professor of Women's and Gender Studies

Areas of expertise: Indigenous feminisms, Interdisciplinary and Decolonial methodologies, Algonquian language revitalization, The history of feminist thought

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