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A photo of Jillian Graves.

Jillian Graves

Assistant Professor

Areas of expertise: Adolescent Development, Young Adult Development, Mental Illness, Psychodynamic Therapy

A photo of Lewis Hershey.

Lewis Hershey

Professor of Marketing,

Areas of expertise: Financial Planning for People with Disabilities, Integrated Marketing Communications, Advertising and Promotions, Personal Selling, Consumer Behavior

A photo of Peter Higgins.

Peter Higgins

Professor of Philosophy

Areas of expertise: Immigration, Social justice, Gender and sexuality, Global poverty

A photo of Donna Holubik.

Donna Holubik

Financial Aid Director

Areas of expertise: Financial aid, Student loan debt management counseling, Financial literacy

A photo of Jeromy Hopgood.

Jeromy Hopgood

Associate Professor

Areas of expertise: Theatrical Design (scenery, lighting, projections, sound), Media design, Show control networking, Dance design

A photo of Heather Hutchins-Wiese.

Heather Hutchins-Wiese

Associate Professor

Areas of expertise: Dietetics, Nutrition, Aging, Mediterranean Diet, Frailty

A photo of Ben Ilozor.

Ben Ilozor


Areas of expertise: Architecture, Construction management, Space efficiency diagnostics, Renewable energy and sustainable built environment systems, Built facilities design, Planning and management

A photo of Brandon Johnson.

Brandon Johnson

Director of Choral Activities

Areas of expertise: Choral music