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A photo of Cathy Fleischer.

Cathy Fleischer


Areas of expertise: English education, Teaching of writing, Disciplinary writing, Teacher research

A photo of Derrick Fries.

Derrick Fries


Areas of expertise: K-12 school administration, Special education

No photo for Maria Luz Garcia.

Maria Luz Garcia

Assistant professor in department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology

Areas of expertise: Ixhil Mayas, Guatemala immigration to US, Rios Montt trial, Guatemalan genocide, Mayan languages, Maya historical memory

A photo of Peter Higgins.

Peter Higgins

Professor of Philosophy

Areas of expertise: Immigration, Social justice, Gender and sexuality, Global poverty

A photo of Donna Holubik.

Donna Holubik

Financial Aid Director

Areas of expertise: Financial aid, Student loan debt management counseling, Financial literacy

A photo of Jeromy Hopgood.

Jeromy Hopgood

Associate Professor

Areas of expertise: Theatrical Design (scenery, lighting, projections, sound), Media design, Show control networking, Dance design

A photo of Heather Hutchins-Wiese.

Heather Hutchins-Wiese

Associate Professor

Areas of expertise: Dietetics, Nutrition, Aging, Mediterranean Diet, Frailty

A photo of Ben Ilozor.

Ben Ilozor


Areas of expertise: Architecture, Construction management, Space efficiency diagnostics, Renewable energy and sustainable built environment systems, Built facilities design, Planning and management

No photo for Allison Jay.

Allison Jay

Supervisor, Office of Nutrition Services

Areas of expertise: Nutrition, Human nutrition, Weight management, Eating healthy

A photo of Brandon Johnson.

Brandon Johnson

Director of Choral Activities

Areas of expertise: Choral music