Free on-campus COVID-19 testing tomorrow, Feb. 17 and Thursday, Feb. 18

YPSILANTI -- As part of its #EMUSafe efforts, EMU studnts and employees are invited to complete a free COVID-19 test on-campus tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 17 or Thursday, Feb. 18. Student and non-student employees whose roles involve in-person contact, instructors scheduled to teach at least one in-person course section, and students enrolled in an in-person course are strongly encouraged to take a COVID-19 test. 

Important details about the test: Beginning this week, EMU is administering a new type of test: the Abbott BinaxNow. It is a self-administered, non-invasive, shallow nostril swab that you will rub on the inside of your lower nostril. There will be an observer present when you administer the test on yourself. It is much less invasive than a stick swab that goes deep into the nasal cavity. With the Binaxtest, abstaining from food, beverages and smoking prior to taking this test is NOT required. The test typically takes 10-15 minutes to complete. The new test allows us to provide same-day test results via email.

Advance registration is required:Registration must take place in advance of coming to take the test, rather than onsite. When you are ready to schedule your test time, please visit the link below to complete your registration. Following the completion of your registration, you will be prompted to schedule your time slot.  

Please visit complete your registration and reserve a time

A reminder that our on-campus COVID-19 testing center has moved. Testing is now taking place in the Student Center in the lower level space next to the Bookstore (previously the Amazon delivery site) .

When you arrive for your scheduled test time, you will need to bring:

  1. a photo ID (EMU ID, state ID, driver’s license, or passport).
  2. your EID number as we may need to reference it. 
  3. a device to connect to EMU’s wireless internet(cell phone, tablet, or laptop).
  4. a completed COVID PASS Daily Health Screening. (If you fail your COVID PASS, please alert the building screener. You will be asked to wait for a member of the testing center staff.) 

We realize you might have questions. We’ll try to address some of those here, but please reach out to if your question is not addressed:

●      What type of test is the Abbot BinaxNOWCOVID-19 test? 

○      This test looks for genes from the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19. It is an ANTIGEN test, which means that it is looking for an active infection. 

●      What happens if my test result is positive?

○      If an individual receives a positive test result, the individual would be required to complete an EMU COVID-19 Report Formand enter an isolation period that will be determined by the WashtenawCounty Health Department (WCHD). Once the WCHDhas deemed that the individual has completed the necessary isolation period, then that person can return to face to face work and/or academic activities. 

■      Employees-Eastern Michigan University’s Human Resources (EMU’s HR) Office will provide support to navigate your specific circumstance. 

■      Students-The Dean of Students Office will provide support to navigate your specific circumstance.

●      What happens if my test result is negative?

○      If your most recent test result is negative, please continue to use the COVID PASS on a daily basis, face coverings and physical distancing best practices. 

●      What if I refuse to test?

○      No-cost on-campus COVID-19 testing is strongly encouraged, but such testing is not required at this time unless you receive a separate email specifically directing you that a COVID-19 test is mandatory.

■      As a reminder, all persons quarantined forCOVID-19 (whether you live on or off campus)  must have a negative COVID test between days 9-11 of quarantine before returning to campus. 

●      Who else will see my results?

○      Results are determined onsiteby trained staff and reported through the University’s testing system. The Campus Testing Coordinator, Dean of Students and Director of Telehealthare the only three individuals on campus with access to results. A representative from WCHDalso has access to EMU’s results. If you are an employee and you have questions about leave, please contact the benefits office at

●      Will my results be shared with my supervisor or instructor?

○      Employees- No. Results will not be shared with your supervisor. 

○      Students-No. Results will not be shared with your instructors, nor are you required to report your results to your instructors. If you need help with instructors as a result of being ill, please contact the Dean of Students at

If you have any questions or need assistance with your test, please reach out to

Thank you for doing your part to be #EMUSafe by being tested. We are excited to see you take advantage of this offering and wish you good health.

February 16, 2021

Written by:
Walter Kraft

Geoff Larcom