Eastern Michigan University’s Department of World Languages to host 2024 Honors Event – April 10

YPSILANTI — Eastern Michigan University's Department of World Languages will host the long-awaited 2024 Honors Event on April 10 from 1:20 to 3 p.m. at the Student Center Ballroom, 900 Oakwood St., in Ypsilanti. This celebration will honor the academic achievements of students enrolled in intermediate and advanced language classes and graduate students.

The event, available only to students and their families, will include performances and showcases highlighting the department's diverse talents. Students will be recognized and awarded certificates for their outstanding accomplishments. To be eligible for this award, students must maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher in language classes or obtain grades of A-minus or above. 

“In a world that is becoming increasingly globalized, students are invited to build language and multicultural skills to understand this new globalized world,” said Audrey Viguier, assistant professor of French. “Both on a personal and professional level. Many students study abroad in countries like Spain, France, Chile, and Japan after learning the languages. This demonstrates their courage and commitment to stepping out of their comfort zones, which we aim to honor.”

The event recognizes students' commitment to language knowledge and cultural discovery, emphasizing the importance of linguistic education in today's globalized world.

While the details of this year's showcases and performances are still being finalized, previous events have included engaging sessions such as a drumming workshop and Japanese Taiko demonstrations by the Sakura group.

The 2024 Honors Event awardees are as follows:

  • Spanish 
    • Camille Lehrmann
    • Teagan Parkinson
    • Christina Trotta
    • Karla Guillén
    • Tessa Olthoff
    • Tuula Martínez
    • Paris Ojeda
    • Tyler Reno
    • Victor Enriquez
    • Tierra Tresvant
    • Casseia Fifelski
    • Jessica Lyseng
    • Victoria MacLean
    • Claire Merrick
    • Wendy Pulido
    • Sydney Sakalauskas
    • Faith Brzezinski
    • Elizabeth Yacks
    • Adrian Cruz-Rivera
    • Maddi Carey
    • Madison Morris
    • Ava Marshman
    • Mason Saborio
  • Japanese 
    • Matthew Brake
    • Spencer Coursey
    • Owen Curnow
    • Robert Uldricks
    • Ganago Paul
    • Lee Eunchong
    • Martin Anthony
    • Mullaney Nicholas
    • Palmer Jordyn
    • Schropshire Sydney
    • Tyler Alia
    • Mason Hargreaves
    • Jada Johnson
    • S Ly
    • Taylor Marberry
    • Kennedy Peoples
    • Nicholas Popp
  • French
    • Natalia Chavez
    • Erika Holmberg
    • Anne Kucharski
    • Sophia Opatrny
    • Katarina Pastar
    • Alana Stone
    • Lanni Velasco-Cook
    • Olivia Wetzel
    • Tatianna Rice
    • Kado Skenduli
    • Marissa Panzarella
    • Kaitlyn Rucker
  • Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
    • Layyan Alqahwaji
    • Steven P. Collins
    • Owen Curnow
    • Tierney Fraidenburg
    • Kaylee I. Hollis
    • Jada M. Johnson
    • Logan Kennedy
    • Hannah MacDougall
    • Shahbaz Nawab
    • Kennedy Peoples
    • Kamayia K. Smith
    • Olga M. Velychko
    • Diamond Thompson
    • Ahmed Almosawi
    • James E. Cason
    • Kailey Littleton
    • Mysa Nahlawi
    • Margot Reynolds
    • Rachel Roemmele
    • Julie Stafford-Musson
    • Susan Uvick

For more information, visit the EMU Department of World Languages website.

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April 02, 2024

Written by:
Romaissa Ameziane

Media Contact:
Melissa Thrasher