Statement regarding history of Daniel Quirk

The University first became aware of this aspect of the history of Daniel L. Quirk last Sunday when the social media post from a local historian and an Eastern Michigan University graduate was brought to our attention. The University immediately began a comprehensive investigation of the matter and will determine next steps, which may include changing the name of the building and associated theater. The University is deeply concerned about the racist behavior conveyed in the post. These actions are an affront to everything we stand for as an institution. Our investigation and resulting actions will reflect that deep concern and will be shared with the campus community.

Note: The campus building that serves as the home of the EMU Department of Communication, Media and Theatre Arts is named after Quirk. Within that building are two theaters, one named after Quirk and the other after former EMU President Harold Sponberg. 


September 01, 2020

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Geoff Larcom