Eight Honors students publish in the 2023 EMU McNair Scholars Research Journal

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YPSILANTI — Eight McNair Scholars published their research in the 2023 EMU McNair Scholars Research Journal. The annual journal, which serves as a platform for McNair student researchers to showcase their hard work, was released on Thursday, February 15, 2024, and can be accessed through the Halle Library Digital Commons website. 

One of the aforementioned McNair Scholars includes senior mechanical engineering major Jemone Cochran II. His research dives into the concept of constructing and examining a dyno engine. 

“Dr. Andrew Mansfield inspired me to pursue the topic of dynometrics,” Cochran said “He believed the project would be a great way for me to have hands-on experience working with and managing a team along, while gaining insight into the design process in the field of engineering.” 

Cochran is thankful for the EMU McNair program and the opportunity to publish his research. Cochran credits the McNair program with providing professional work and academic growth experiences. 

 “I love that I joined McNair and met the cohort that I did. We traveled the country together, we motivated each other, and most importantly, we all got published together,” stated Cochran. 

Senior psychology and criminology major Thairu-Moore Petinak's research includes crucial information expressing the importance of guiding individuals with pedophilic tendencies to seek treatment. 

“Existing literature suggests that, among other things, stigma perceived by people with pedophilia discourages treatment-seeking behavior and increases the risk of sexual offending. Thus, our ultimate goal is to reduce the prevalence of child sexual abuse,” stated Petinak. 

McNair Director Dr. Kimberly Brown lauded the accomplishments of the McNair Scholars. “It is an absolute pleasure celebrating students whose research is highlighted in the 2023 McNair Scholars Research Journal,” she stated. “The journal is evidence of the resilience and pursuit of scholarly achievement, despite the challenges many students have endured during their academic journey.” 

The eight Eastern Michigan University students who published in the fall 2023 McNair Scholars Research Journal include: 

Jemone Cochran II

Jemone Cochran II, Mentor: Dr. Andrew Mansfield
Senior Mechanical Engineering major Jemone Cochran’s piece, The Construction and Examination of a Dyno Engine, describes the construction of a miniature 3-cylinder 1.o L Ford engine. Cochran assisted in designing, constructing, and validating various components within the engine dynamometer system.

Sydney Dhue

Sydney Dhue, Mentor: Dr. Rusty McIntyre
Psychology major Sydney Dhue’s (‘23) piece, Social Thinking and Pay Inequities, examines whether belief in a just world and social dominance orientation contribute to the acceptance of pay discrimination that impacts African Americans. 

Coreena A. Forstner

Coreena A. Forstner, Mentor: Dr. Kimberly L. Barrett
Psychology and criminology double major Coreena A. Forstner’s (‘23) piece, Exploring Gender Disparities in the Overcriminalization of Psychiatric Illness and the Treatment of Mentally Ill Incarcerated Individuals, explores gender and racial disparities in policing.  It also highlights the relationship between mental health and the criminal justice system, specifically the over-criminalization of mental illness in the U.S. correctional system. 

Jua’Chelle Harmon

Jua’Chelle Harmon, Mentor: Dr. Jamie Lawler
Psychology major Jua’Chelle Harmon’s (‘23) piece, The Impact of Food Insecurities on the Development of Psychopathology in Childhood and Adolescence: A Literature Review, addresses the direct relationship between food insecurity and psychopathology and provides insight into initiatives and interventions for those who have experienced food insecurity and related psychopathology. 

Ryland B. Lambert

Ryland B. Lambert, Mentor: Dr. Megan K. Moore
Anthropology and history double major Ryland B. Lambert's (‘23) piece, The Impact of Hormone Replacement Therapy on the Clavicle, explores the potential influence of hormone replacement therapy in the development of the clavicle (which continues to grow until age 30) in transgender individuals. 

Thairu Moore-Petinak

Thairu Moore-Petinak, Mentor: Dr. Eamonn Arble
Senior psychology and criminology major Thairu Moore-Petinak's piece, Promoting Treatment Seeking Among Individuals with a Pedophilic Orientation Via Narrative Humanization: A Preliminary Analysis, examines the efficacy of interventions aimed at reducing stigma toward individuals with pedophilic sexual interests. 

Tierra Tresvant

Tierra Tresvant, Mentor: Dr. Barbara Patrick
Senior public and nonprofit administration major Tierra Tresvant’s piece, Critical Race Theory in Education: A Political Battleground with Teachers as the Casualties, tracks the politicization of critical race theory, policies resulting from that politicization, and the implications for classroom teachers. 

Lisbette Zavala

Lisbette Zavala, Mentor: Dr. Charles Graham
Senior secondary education language, literature, and writing major Lisbette Zavala’s (‘23) piece, Therapeutic and Recreational Experiences from Psilocybin Ingestion, describes indigenous and modern attitudes toward psilocybin, a naturally growing, hallucinogenic mushroom, and makes a case for changing psilocybin’s listing as a controlled substance because of emerging data regarding the drug’s usefulness in treatment for mental disorders. 

To learn more about the McNair Scholars Program, visit https://www.emich.edu/mcnair/index.php.

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April 03, 2024

Written by:
Brooke Whittaker

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