Art in response to politics: EMU hosting art exhibit that addresses socio-political issues

YPSILANTI- A poster exhibit hosted by Eastern Michigan University encouraged artists both locally and nationally to examine points of contention in the current world political arena to create or submit a poster on an issue of importance to them.


The Posters of Discontent is set to spur discussion and discourse.

“The Posters of Discontent”, a quadrennial exhibition hosted by the School of Art & Design, runs from September 7 through October 12 and is held in the University Gallery located in the Student Center.

The exhibit features 74 pieces of work from 43 different artists. Each piece takes a stand on political issues that are important the artist. The exhibit is meant to coincide with the election, in order to inspire thought and dialogue among those who view the pieces.

This year’s exhibit also features posters regarding the racial vandalism on campus. Students were given a three-day window to develop posters that graphically responded to these recent events or racism in general.

“With the public platform that University Gallery offers to amplify one's individual voice, it is the hope of the curator that we engage in dialog, and if necessary, confront challenging issues,” said Professor of graphic design and organizer of the exhibit, Andrew Maniotes’ curatorial statement for the work. “The work presented here is sincere, reactionary, and unapologetic.”

Starting in 2008, Posters of Discontent has featured work that promotes curiosity, encourages dialogue, and initiates debate about the world and the issues that affect our lives.

To learn more about the art exhibits hosted at Eastern Michigan University, visit the Art Department website.

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October 07, 2016

Written by:
Media Relations

Geoff Larcom